Monday, September 15, 2008

About Us

We are the Jacquez Crew. We started with only 2 on August 11, 2001, over 7 years ago and seem to be multiplying quickly. We have added one handsome boy and three beautiful little girls to our happy crew. We are back living in the beautiful town of St. David. We've been back for 4 years and so happy that we are.

A.J. played baseball in college for two years at Phoenix College in AZ then two years at New Mexico State University. Of course we hoped for the big bucks of professional baseball but it all ended with an elbow injury and surgery. Now A.J. is 2 years into an apprenticeship with SSVEC (the local electric company) to become a journeyman/lineman. In short, he is one of the crazy guys that ropes themselves to 40-50-60 foot electrical poles and climbs to the top using spikes on his boots then playes around with high voltage electricity. Since I'm scared of heights and electricity, I don't like to think about it, but he loves it and is really good at it! His hobbies include, sports of all kinds, hunting, fishing, camping and most resently ranching. We have somehow started into the ranching business with about 20 cows! I'm not so sure about it but he loves it!

As for myself, I am also loving my job which is 90% mommy and 10% nurse. I got my RN license in May 2001 so have been an RN for 7 years now! I still can't believe that I'm getting old! Most of my days, and nights, are spent taking care of our growing little family. I really can't believe that I am a mother of 4! Man, I'm getting old! The little ones are the light of my life though, not to say that I don't feel crazy some times but mostly I love it. I also have about 8 home health clients that I see once a week and I work at the Benson Hospital ER 1-2 times a week. I love my job as a nurse too.

Kason is 6 years old and is a good mix of his mom and dad. He is big for his age and started all day Kindergarten this year at St. David. He loves it so far with recess being his favorite subject. Most of the time he is a really good big brother to his 3 little sisters but they just don't enjoy being bodyslammed much, so he keeps asking me for a little brother! I'm not so sure about that!

Taylee is almost 4 years old and is really becoming her mom's little helper. She loves her long blond hair and already loves to primp. We are going to be in trouble. Already AJ says that no boys are going to be allowed at our house! She can't wait to go to school "like Kason" and askes me almost every day when she can go.

Anissa is 2 years old and is so opposite of her older sister. She loves to go places with her daddy. She is as dark as her sister is light. Her most resent accomplishment is mastering potty training! This is a most wonderful thing to only have one child in diapers. Her verbal skills are getting better every day but she mostly can be understood only by the family.

Emelynn is almost 7 months old now. She is our leap year baby, coming into this world on February 29th! She will be young forever! Her greatest accomplishment is rolling over and making spit bubbles. She is also trying to grow some teeth, much to her mommy's dismay! Most of the time she is a happy baby but some times she is "the devil" according to her dad, mainly when mom's at work. We are three for three with very stuborn little girls now. Oh, it' s going to be fun!!!

Well, that's our family update for now. Pictures to come when I can figure out a stuborn CD!


The Price Family said...

Hi glad you have started a blog. It is a great way to keep in touch. Sounds like you guys are just trucking right along and doing great. Glad to hear it.

Check out my blog if you get a chance,

Keep in touch!
Sara (Goodman) Price

Donna (Wood) Hipps Family said...

Welcome to the blog world. It is fun to see how everyones families are growing. I can't believe we are all getting so old. Weren't we just in High School being big dorks! Anyways I am excited to beable to keep in touch with you. It sounds like all is going well.

Marc said...

Hi Aubri & Jacquez Crew
great to read about how all of you are doing! Oh by the way, this is Marc Schneider writing - the tennis playing exchange student from 98/99 :-)
Wish you all the best and greetings from Switzerland,